A Satoshi logged is
a Plenny earned!

  • What is Plenny.link?
    • Plenny.link gives access to the blockchain domains of Plenny over Web 2.0.
  • What is Plenny?
    • Plenny connects the Bitcoin Lightning Network with the Ethereum ecosystem.
    • Using Plenny enables Lightning Nodes to improve connectivity and expand payment channel capacity.
  • What is Plenny.crypto?
    • Plenny.crypto is a decentralized website that provides information about the Plenny-Dapp over Web 3.0.
    • Access Plenny.crypto via Fleek.
    • Access Plenny.crypto via IPFS.
    • Access Plenny.crypto via Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Brave and Opera support blockchain domains by default.
  • What is Dplenny.crypto?
    • Dplenny.crypto is a decentralized website to access the UI and the smart contracts of the Dapp.
    • The Dapp provides a non-custodial capacity market and a decentralized oracle network.
    • Access Dplenny.crypto via Fleek.
    • Access Dplenny.crypto via IPFS.
    • Access Dplenny.crypto via Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Brave and Opera support blockchain domains by default.
  • Why does Plenny use blockchain domains and decentralized storage?
    • The paradigm shift from centralized finance to decentralized finance (DeFi) is unstoppable, which is why Plenny relies on innovative Web 3.0 technology.
    • Decentralized storage is a natural fit for blockchain domains, so Plenny uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol and peer-to-peer network to store and share data in a distributed file system.
    • Plenny is made for the non-custodial web and supports users to independently manage their payment channels on their own Lightning Nodes.
    • By using decentralized websites, Plenny can better protect users’ data and maintain their right to privacy.
SUPPORTED WEB BROWSERS: Install your preferred extension to safely reach the Dapp
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