A Plenny locked is a Plenny earned!

What is Plenny?
🐳 Plenny connects lightning nodes with DeFi.
What is Plenny.link?
🐳 Plenny.link gives access to the blockchain domains of Plenny over Web2.
What is Plenny.crypto?
🐳 Plenny.crypto is a decentralized website that provides information about the Plenny-Dapp over Web3.
What is dPlenny.crypto?
🐳 dPlenny.crypto is a decentralized website to access the UI and the smart contracts of the Dapp.
🐳 The decentralized application of Plenny connects nodes on the Lightning Network and expands payment channel capacity through liquidity providers in DeFi.
How to reach Plenny.crypto and dPlenny.crypto?
🐳 Configure your browser and surf the decentralized application of Plenny now.
🐳 The Plenny-Dapp respects your privacy rights and can be safely reached right over your browser.


Brave How-to Guide

Desktop, Android

Opera How-to Guide

Desktop, iOS and Android

SUPPORTED VIA EXTENSIONS - Install your preferred browser extensions to safely reach the Dapp.

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